September 3, 2012

Results: Operation Alloy in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

The results where already out but I gotta post!

Did we make it?
It was easy peasy. We exceeded the target of 50,000 promotes during the event at a total of 262,749. Here's a break down of promotes from each system:
  • PC: 67,573
  • PS3: 28,398
  • Xbox: 166,778
Teamwork is key!
This is from the Reward Pack.

Mostly supplies.
This is from the Commendation Pack, which came within 24 hours of reporting it was missing.

It ain't a shotgun but I barely use this...
And a random Premium Spectre Pack I bought during the event.

Finally, something else other than Ops Survival Capacity!
Of course, promoting a character grants you the following.

+10 on your N7 ranking and a War Assest worth 75 points!
Looking forward to the next event!

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