September 19, 2012

Dance Central: Project Lockstep

A week has gone by and Lima has managed to decipher a paragraph from the memorandum of TanCorp! WARNING! SPOILERS FROM THE SECOND GAME ABOUND! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Here's the an updated version of that memo found last week:
Project Lockstep?
Is Dr. Tan trying to control us with this "Project Lockstep?" His goal from Dance Central 2 was take over the dance scene by allowing anyone to dance under his discretion, his rule. He tried to conquer the dance scene by utilizing robots called "D-Cypher." We were to best his creations but he managed to escape.

Dr. Tan's previous attempt to rule dance
"Project Lockstep" could mean a way to prevent anyone from dancing at all. But how is it going to work? Hypnotism through the airwaves? Devices that latch on to anyone that tries to dance on sight? We gotta keep looking here! Also, I feel sorry for the unfortunate employees who gets selected for the product testing given the situation...

It seems that TanCorps is so "excited" for "Project Lockstep" that they decided to open up a Twitter account! Here's the latest feed I could pick up:

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