September 7, 2012

Event: Operation Vigilance in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

With Operation Alloy behind us, BioWare gives us...

Operation Vigilance official logo
It seems that enemy forces have damaged important Alliance equipment and it's up to us to send drones for repairs while investigating the nature of the attacks.

Briefing with Admiral Hackett
The objectives are as follows:
  • Allied Goal: Complete 250,000 escort missions on any difficulty.
  • Squad Goal: Complete up to and including Wave 10 on any difficulty WITHOUT USING ANY CONSUMABLE (Medigel, Cobra Missile, Thermal Pack and Ops Survival Pack).
The rewards are the as follows:
  • Rewards Packs for everyone if the Allied Goal is met.
  • Commendation Packs for anyone fulfilling the Squad Goal. An N7 weapon (Eagle, Crusader, Valiant or Hurricane) will be awarded.
For the Allied Goal to count, you just need to successfully escort the drone to its destination; even if you fail the game before making to extraction.

For the Squad Goal to count, make sure no one (you and other players) uses an aforementioned consumable from Wave 1 to 10, even if it's tempting and necessary. It doesn't matter what size of the squad is, just don't use them. Ammo, Armor and Weapon Bonuses do not count as the consumable not to be used.

And yes, it can be any map, any difficulty and any enemy for both conditions. Anyone for Bronze runs?

This is will be a challenging operation for the Commendation Packs. Players are contemplating if they can do Bronze Solo runs for it.

If that drone doesn't get moving, this mission is toast!
Let's give it our all in escorting these kids to their mommies then!

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  1. Solo is not that hard ppl should at least try I've completed solo on bronze plenty of times u just can't stay in one spot that's the key