September 21, 2012

Event: Operation Patriot in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

It's time to bring the battle of Cerberus in...
Operation Patriot official logo

The goals are as follows:
  • Allied Goal: Kill 600,000 Atlas Mechs on any map at any difficulty.
  • Squad Goal: Full extraction (nothing less than that!) on any difficulty with all squad members as the same non-human race. Requires 2 or more players in squad.
The rewards are as usual:
  • Victory Packs for everyone if the Allied Goal is met
  • Commendations Packs for anyone who can fulfill the Squad Goal.
Due to the failure of Operation Alloy, the drones during the Escort missions will move slower than usual.

Come on! Can't this thing go any faster?
Looks like the Squad Goal isn't solo-friendly! From the looks of the instructions, you have to be a squad of 2-4 members using the same non-human race. An example is using Quarian Engineers and/or Infiltrators in one match, nothing else (you can play as a mixed set of both Quarian genders). Another example is an all Krogran squad, since they have the Vanguard (Battlemaster), Soldier and Sentinel classes. In short, everyone needs to be the same race in a game that isn't human. Also, a full extraction must be done to make it count!

It's full extraction!
The Allied Goal is simple: kill 600,000 Atlas Mechs. Always set your enemies to Cerberus and fight in any match and difficulty. They appear more often in higher difficulty, so try to fight Cerberus at your very best as often as possible. Get ready with the Cobra Missile if they start getting too close!

Once the event starts, heed the call!

Take 'em out!

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