September 24, 2012

Aftermath: Press Event at the GreattoysOnline Anapolis Branch

They're expanding their business, so might as well spread the word on it!

I got home and did my routine news feed and email checking when I saw an email that someone has messaged me in this blog's Facebook page. When I opened it, it was invited to GreattoysOnline's Press event. It was going to be on a weekday, since I have work every weekday evening. But I could not pass up an opportunity like this!

Getting there
Once I came home, I just went straight to bed. I woke up and did my very best to get there ASAP. It was traffic along the way and I was late for around 20 minutes. Good thing nothing much has happened so far. Heck, Mr. Lim even asked if I wanted a snack.

This is the Anapolis branch of GreattoysOnline, which opened just a few months ago after shutting down a couple of Makati branches. I've been to their main branch at Shopsville and this branch is different in terms of size.

More room to walk and browse!
While the original Shopsville branch was so cramped up with their merchandise, the Anapolis branch has roomier pathways and display cases. 1/3 of of place has sporting goods courtesy of Topcoms - Star Sports.

The place is full of toys coming from big Japanese brands such as (but not limited to) Max Factory, Kotobukiya, Bandai and Tamashii Nations. They also have toys from the west as well from the likes of McFarlane Toys, Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles to name a few. They're not limited to toys; they've also got replica items, light boxes and Japanese Hobby publications as well.

Aside from taking pictures of the place, Mr. Lim has presented us with his personal collection of animation cels from Daimos and Voltes V! Given that we live in an era where computers are the dominant animation tool, it is amazing to see how these anime were created using such methods. The animations cels will be available for display for three weeks at the Anapolis branch.

Genuine Animation Cels from Daimos and Voltes V!
Here's a video footage of Mr. Lim presenting his collection of animation cels.

I've met a friend of mine who's a got a blog and was even there taking a video coverage of the event. I've even met his associates, of which are Sentai enthusiasts like myself. We exchanged topics about our varying levels interests and even toyed with the toys on display.

The event proper
There was a good batch of toys in display. One of them caught my attention because of its likeness to someone famous!

Guess who?
Yes, indeed! This is a 1/6 scale poseable figure of Steve Jobs! But, this isn't the one from In Icons that didn't make it to the shelves due to a lawsuit. This apparently comes from iCeo.

What's he holding there?
There was also a Shirahoshi figure, the gigantic but beautiful mermaid princess from One Piece. She did attract the attention of an unwanted toy...

Is she worried?
The store's so roomy and I could just pace back and forth to look at toys I want that will never have. It's a collector's dream to come over to this branch in hopes of finding what they're looking for.

The Lim Brothers!
Make sure you stop by and check out the place! You'll never know what you're going to find! Too bad I didn't get a goodie bag...

Reimaru taking videos

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