September 26, 2012

Mysterious Sighting: MAFEX by Medicom Toys

I was just doing my usual surfing in AmiAmi until I stumbled across this:

A Batman action figure!

I was drawn to the listing since it was an action figure. I decided to take a peek at the Batman listing and I was just amazed on what I saw.

It was eye-catching!
It was a 16cm figure, which is as long  of my Revoltech Woody and figutto Light Yagami figures. I could see the possibilities of adding this to my collection for some variety in my collection. The details on the figure were excellent, being a step better than a Halo McFarlane figure. As for articulation, it looks promising given with the pics available at AmiAmi and the actual product page.

The details are amazing for a 16cm figure!
The accessories also amazed me! This figure comes with the EMP Gun and Grappling Hook featured in the recent Christopher Nolan movie trilogy. Time to put this in the wishlist!

The accessories included
I don't know much about Medicom Toys, since this was the first time I gave them a look. Maybe a some research should be in order since this looks like a brand new line... Also, preorders are now available since they'll be released on April 2013.

After a quick Google Search, MAFEX stands for "Miracle Action Figure EX." I initially guessed that the "M" was for Medicom.

Character Background
Batman is a masked vigilante who fights crime around Gotham City, his hometown. He was driven to such activities ever since his history involved his parents being killed during a family night out in the city. He's a prominent DC Comics character and is known for his athletic ability, detective skills and knowledge in gadgetry. Why, he's a superhero without any superpowers or mutations at all!

This version of Batman is based from the Christopher Nolan movie trilogy, with actor Christian Bale behind the mask. I was able to watch the third installment with my colleagues once and I was amazed on how the gadgets and vehicles they've got!

Take a look at this!


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