September 6, 2012

Food: Pepsi Pogi

When came across a banner of it at a nearby 7/11 store, I just had to try it.

I give you... Pepsi Pogi!

I was on my way home from a nearby mall and I asked to be dropped off at a 7/11 near home. I really wanted to get a drink but a banner caught my eye.

Pepsi Pogi is a gold colored carbonated drink that is available for a limited time in the Philippines. The word "pogi" is Tagalog for "handsome." The marketing campaign they have for this variant is themed after the 90's trend of "handsome" lead characters in movies bearing suave mustaches. They even have a short film to match the campaign too!

Also, there's a matching hand gesture that Filipinos (usually men but women get into it from time to time) typically show to indicate they are "pogi," which is also prevalent in this campaign.

Giving this drink a swig, I find the taste very different from a typical Pepsi. It's not as sweet as a Pepsi but it's not bitter at the same time. I suspect that the taste is that comparable of that with an energy drink but tolerable.

Final Say
This is something I can drink but I don't expect to be chugging this more often than Coke Zero or Mountain Dew. The "gold" color has been commented that it looks like... I don't want to gross people out here as much as I can. The taste is alright but not delicious enough for seconds.

The ingredients, just in case.

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