August 23, 2012

Event: Operation Alloy in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Things are getting easy this time. Introducing...

Operation Alloy official logo
It's different this time around:
  • Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters.
  • Allied Goal: Promote 50,000 characters.
The rewards are as follows:
  • Commendation Packs are rewarded to those who fulfill the Individual Goal.
  • Everybody gets a Reward Pack if the Allied Goal is met. This pack has something to increase your Medigel capacity!
That's it? That should be easy... unless people start leaving and abandoning the game! We're still going strong here, so no pressure! I'll make sure I promote three at least... At least my N7 ranking can go up and more War Assets for me!

My Engineer's ready for promotion
Make sure you promote them during the operation, not before!

Keeping up with the rest!

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