September 27, 2012

Discussion: Most played class in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Seeing the the Soldier class the most popular choice, I wanted to discuss about it in the BioWare Social Forums.

To start off, let's see what the community has to say why the Solider is the most played class:

It's a good noob class, on top of it being the first one select able.

- nhcre8tv1

Soldier does something that's familiar to the most number of gamers playing, which is just shooting in a third person environment. 
- Cyonan

The soldier is the most played class because of how easy to pick up and play that class is. You don't have to think much on that class. 
- The Krauser

I think it's just the simple "Shooter"-style the Soldier-class offers. ...just point and shoot, which is most appealing to beginners and casual players, who make up the bulk of the ME3 multiplayer base I believe.

- Siran

That's a pretty good responses here. Point and shoot and grenade chucking. Simple as that.

The N7 Destroyer. All the cool kids are playing him, you know.

- vonSlash

I suspect that the new Destroyer makes the soldier class the most played.
- ABjerre
I have the N7 Destroyer too. Pair it up with Devastator Mode and the N7 Typhoon assault rifle, you're in for some serious business!

My take
I have to agree with the consensus here. The simplicity of getting the big guns and shooting everything in sight is what makes this a popular choice. Durability comes in second here, so they can take some damage before they take cover and get back into the action.

 There was also this comment that makes it true too.

As a non-caster class (for the most part); cooldowns are not an issue, and so it is mainly about weaponry and not powers.
- AustereLemur799

I used to want to play as a class that used powers often since weapons served as away to tear down extra defenses (shields and barriers). I never knew that firing shots with lots of ammunition without a care skill casting was satisfying.

There was also a time I played as a Vorcha Soldier and I made a build that made them deadly close quarters characters. Their Bloodlust skill makes their malleable in the battlefield since they regenerate health completely. I used a Reegar Carbine and Flamer for the approach while I melee the cannon fodder.

Batarian Soldiers are very popular, as are Turian and Krogan soldiers.
- JaimaxOfRaxis

You got my vote on that one, JaimaxOfRaxis! I had a Batarian Soldier and paired it up with the Thermal Clip  Pack gear and Batarian Enforcer passive skill that increases their Spare Ammo (not the the clip size). It was really great having to shoot more often and passing by to ammo reserves less often.

That wraps up the first part. Next time, I'll be tackling with the most popular map: Firebase White!

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