September 13, 2012

Dance Central: Operation Tanplan

What's this? Looks like Dance Central Intelligence is up to something here!

It seems Harmonix is teasing Dance Central fans with the story line with a memorandum from TanCorps. I'm not sure what Tan Indsutries specializes in but it seems that undercover DCI agents passed this information.

Got any idea on what we can find?
The whole document seems very incomplete, given that they are only a few readable lines of text while the rest is obscured. I tried using photo editing programs to find odd pixels but I can't seem to get anything at this time. Rasa mentioned that Lima is working on a decryption algorithm but we can help by signing up for the newsletter.

Whatever Dr. Tan is up to, it's no good...

Oh yeah, enjoy this "Movie Trailer" of Dance Central 3 as well!

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