September 12, 2012

Results: Operation Vigilance from Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

The results are out! Did we make it?

Operation Vigilance splash screen

The operation is a failure! Chris Priestly's post in the BioWare Social forums mentioned we only had 231,456 drone uploads, short of 18,544.

Despite our efforts, it's not enough!
I have to admit, I did ragequit two games because some PUGs had to use consumable items on Bronze and I wanted to make sure I qualify for a Commendation Pack. I even had my first solo Bronze game ensure my qualification. But still, failing another N7 Operation makes me guilty that I didn't do enough to ensure the success of the event.

Given this is the third N7 Operation we failed, a certain number of players are seeing a pattern here. Judging on the list from the Mass Effect Wikia, it seems that for every 3 successful operations, the fourth will fail. This seems to coincide with the mid-event results of Operation Olympus having not-so promising results (around 30%) but we managed to hit the goal. Resurgence, Beachhead and Fortress don't count because they have no Allied Goals to begin with.

Also, it seems there's a new multiplayer DLC based operation between this failed operations.

What is BioWare up to? I'd be stoked if they gave us a surprise any time soon

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