February 20, 2012

Experience: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo

Having able to finally get my hands on the Mass Effect 3 Demo, I decided to wait out for the multiplayer access. The wait's worth it as I give out my impressions of the multiplayer mode.

Mass Effect 3 Demo Title Screen

February 10, 2012

Preview: Mass Effect 2 Action Figures

I love Mass Effect and played the two core games (and having to download important DLC's for the second game). When I saw the news of the toys being re-released and continued, I just had to read further!
Mass Effect 2 Action Figures - Series 2

February 8, 2012

Impressions: DECOBACK

Since I like the product (and recently lost an auction for one), I must write something about it.

DECOBACK product demonstration

Defeat: Outbidded by PHP 5 for a DECOBACK

I thought I was on the running in winning a Decoback at half the price until I got the notification that the auction was over.
A close finish... by another bidder...

February 5, 2012