September 25, 2012

Infographic: Telemetry numbers for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is still going strong! Want proof? Take a look at this!

Telemetry data as of September 2012

The numbers speak for themselves ever since we got the Earth DLC pack. Let me voice my thoughts on these numbers

Credits Spent
1.02 Trillion
We spent slightly more than this from the previous data but people are now spending credits ever since the Preimum Spectre Pack is a regular listing.

Successful Platinum Runs
119,190 matches
Well, that's good to hear that people are winning that difficulty. I haven't even reached the part where other enemy forces begin to join in the fray!

Reinforcement Packs Purchased
26.4 Million
A major contribution to this is the Preimum Spectre Pack, since it gives a good amount of Rare items with a chance for an Ultra Rare good. I still have a long way to go!

Batarian Usage
I don't see Batarians often in my games but I own both types! They're pretty useful Soldiers since they have a passive skill that increases ammo reserves.

Brutes Killed
13.4 Million
This makes me remember the good old days from Operation Goliath. What about Banshees, Atlases, Geth Primes and Ravagers this time?

Most played class
Solider: 18.8% (20% from May 2012 data, 18% from March 2012)
From what I can see here, it's all about guns ablazing. I admit I like the idea of prioritizing weapon usage over powers.

Second most played class
Engineer: 18.6%
I wonder where the Infiltrators this time? I bet having a Geth Engineer increased the trend for this class (which I have!).

Collector Assault Rifle Usage
This goes to show that getting this weapon is hard. Collector Assault Rifles (for multiplayer) can only be redeemed via specials codes from purchasing Razer branded gaming accessory. It was also available when pre-ordering "The Art of Mass Effect" from Barnes & Noble and ordering the whole Mass Effect Invasion comic series from the Dark Horse digital store.

Most played map
Firebase White: 28%
Looks like Geth Gold runs in this map is still pretty popular!

Highest N7 Rating
Over 13,000 (PC)
I have to say that the highest as of this post is over 17,000! Looks we PC players have dominated!

That sums up my two cents on this. I'll be fixing a post on data comparisons between the data that's been released so far.

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