October 2, 2012

Disucssion: Most played map in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Now, we tackle why Firebase White is the most played map.

Let's see what the respondents have to say:

FBW is a farming map, people like to spend little time or effort, use as little consumables as possible for the credits they earn so they don't have to wait 2 months just to unlock some weapons by playing on other maps that are less garaunteed for success. 

White is the perfect map to camp,it's easier to get credits there 

Firebase White has been the most played map because of an increased practice for credit farming. Farming is a video game related term (usually for games that progress through in-game currency) that means accumulate necessary resources in a tedious way to progress in the game. It's synonymous to harvesting in a farm, hence the term.

The tactic to farming is simple: All players head down to the interior area where Shepard was supposed to deactivate the defenses of this location, which is a Cerberus Fighter base. They stay covered in the L-shaped control panels and shoot the enemies coming from the choke points. Geth are often fought because they don't have any grenadier units, allowing the team to camp. They have also perform instakill situations when Geth Pyros and Hunter get close to the cover area for the player to pull off melee grabs.

The Success Ratio for this tactic around 87%. There are times we get overwhelmed when two or more Geth Primes start getting too close.

 I've played FBWGG as well. Especially with random groups you'll have the most success, as the tactics are known and you don't have as many "Rambos" who do their own thing and die on the other side of the map (still happens of course). 

However, there are players who express their disgust or boredom on how the map achieved it's infamy.

 I have never enjoyed the camping aspect of firebase white.

 Hate FBWGG. Boring. Always do my own thing here even if I have to gel myself. Only play this if I get dropped into it or if U/U/G sends me here. 
- shivyshivy

I used to farm on white a little bit but it got old really fast. I honestly leave the game when I see that it is being set to WGG. 
- CruxisAngel3

Farming is perceived a bad practice since it is associated with Real Money Trading selling in-game goods with online transactions. Another thing about the disgust with farming is that it makes the game too tedious to play with no variety or challenge whatsoever. Just staying in one spot and killing enemies at choke points.

However, there are players who see beyond the camping practice in Firebase White.

 FBW is a fun map when not farmed 

Actually, I like White. Maybe, because I mostly play bronze/silver, and there isn't many farmer there. I like to stand at the ramp, opposed to the LZ, and shoot everything that jetpacks to the LZ. 

If I ever get into a lobby doing that, I instead choose to run around and kill everything before it gets to the basement area. It's more fun that way

I'm alot more familiar with White than I am with any other map. This usually makes it alot easier, and quicker when playing a match.

The map's fun to play when you don't stay in one spot. Although many players like hanging out at the apex of the map (it's near a ladder with a corridor the leads to the interior areas of the map), I also have my share of going around when there's no more targets to pick from the Landing Pad and .Lower Level.

Here's a nice comment about the map with some tactical advice too.

Personally, I like FBW because it's got a good mix of indoor/outdoor, which provides enough shelter and cover to make it difficult for factions like the Geth to shoot you from across the map, but not so enclosed as to make running through the map to the other end impossible, if your position gets overrun. It also has different levels navigated by ladders, which are great because Atlases, Banshees and Primes can't go up/down ladders, making the top level up the stairs particularly useful for running to if you want to stall those boss mobs from reaching you.

Well, there you have it. Stay tuned for more posts about the Mass Effect Telemetry data released recently. With so much things to do, I'm falling behind schedule to post them!

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