June 29, 2012

Results: Operation Savage in Mass Effect 3 Mulitplayer

7 Million is a big number! Did we make it?

Did we kill enough?

Since I saw my rewards in the store, it's a yes! Reward packs for everyone!

Wow! I got both packs!!!
Let's see what I got...

What? No N7 Weapons this time?
Uh yeah... Like I use this weapon...
Shucks! Looks no N7 weapons for the newbies this time! As for the Commendation Pack, it's a "meh" since I don't use the N7 Crusader at all... Maybe it's about time I gave it a whirl?

Didnt get your Commendation Pack? Read up on these previous post of mine:
Until then, enjoy the Extended Cut DLC!


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