June 21, 2012

Event: Operation Savage in Mass Effect 3 Mulitplayer

It seems the Terminus Systems are getting involved in the war effort against the Reapers. Introducing...

Operation Savage official logo

The goals are as follows:

  • Allied Goal: Eliminate 7,000,000 trooper-level enemies. The list includes Cerberus Assault Troopers, Geth Troopers, Husks and Cannibals.
  • Squad Goal: Achieve an extraction (Lone Survivor, Partial or Full) in any location against any forces using a mix of krogan, batarian or vorcha squad members.
For Tuchanka!
The rewards as usual:
  • Reward Packs for everyone if the Allied Goal is met.
  • Commendation Packs for those who accomplish the Squad Goal.
For the squad goal to count, your squad needs to be comprised of krogan, batarian and/or vorcha characters. That means having squad members (even a single one!) who's human, asari, quarian, salarian, drell, turian or geth will not count to towards the goal. That means your squad must be entirely consist of krogans, batarians or vorchas; or even have a mix of these three races in a squad.

Sorry. No geth allowed!
This will not benefit those who haven't gotten the required characters. I hope there will be games you can participate in hopes you earn enough credits to buy a pack and pray for such characters to come out. According to the manifest (this is my manifest), the characters for the Squad Goal are rated rare!

I do hope that the Reward packs will still be like in Operation Mastiff: a guaranteed N7 weapon!

My Reward Pack loot from Operation Mastiff. Did you get a Rebellion Pack character too?
They mentioned about the Terminus Systems, home of Omega. The single player campaign has mention of the Terminus System via Aria's quest to unite the Blood Pack, Eclipse and Blue Sun mercenary groups in the war effort against the Reapers. Is this an indication of a new MP DLC pack with mercenary-based characters? Or... is it going to involve Omega itself?

Let's find out and do our best this weekend! Onward!

Tell Gavorn we fight!

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