June 18, 2012

Impressions: SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (Part 1)

I played it and it piqued my interest more. This is the closest thing in getting involved with the Gundam trend.

Snagged from the Facebook page!

SD Gundam is an MMO game where players can collect and customize their Gundam (the titular robots) to play cooperatively and competitively. It features over 300 Gundams featured in numerous anime iterations.  From the classics to the latest, Gundam fans of all generations will surely love this!

The Gundam franchise is a metaseries of anime created by Sunrise studios that feature robots called "Mobile Suits" and the protagonist's Mobile Suit is usually called "Gundam." Aside from the anime, other merchandise have produced including (but not limited to) scale model kits, toys, manga, video games and novels. There are numerous iterations of anime spanning in different timelines and universes.

The acronym "SD" is from the term "Super Deformed." As you can see, these miniaturized depictions of the Gundams themselves. There have been TV shows and manga specializing in this type of Gundam and it has proven to be very popular.

Quick Look
Logging in the game for the very first time will take straight into a quick tutorial mode to get acquainted with the controls. Once that's done, you'll get your very first Gundam out of the Capsule Machine (reminiscent of Gachapons). If you wish to get more Gundams, you'll have to visit the Capsule Room to take a chance on what Gundam you'll get!

Newbies will be taken to the Mission Room, where they can play co-op missions with other players, take on solo missions, fight against random NPCs and review tutorials.

Capsule Room
The fun gets better at the Capsule Room, where your future Gundam is waiting for you!

Look at all those machines... Gundams, waiting to be mine!
Points earned playing the game (or coins purchased via real-world currency) can be used to buy a chance in getting a new Gundam. There are different capsule machines available containing a variety of six Gundams. The price is dependent of the quality of Gundams inside, with more expensive ones containing strong Gundams. If you think you have the luck, go ahead and buy yourself a new Gundam!

I want one!
You can also preview the Gundam to get a quick look of what it looks like too. Once you pick a capsule machine you'd like to get a Gundam from, hit "Draw a Capsule" and select which currency to use to complete the transaction.

Cash or credit? Kidding!
Make the purchase and hope for the best!

A capsule comes out...

Oh my! What could it be?

OMG! My wish came true! My very own Gundam Deathscythe!
Well, that covers an exciting part of this game. Stay tuned as I share some battle experiences both cooperatively and competitively!

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