May 6, 2012

Results: Operation Exorcist in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Find out if the event was a success or not!
Operation Exorcist splash screen

We did it! More than one million Phantoms have been killed during Operation Exorcist! Victory packs will be awarded to all players, whether you've played Multiplayer or not. Commendation Packs are awarded to those who extract from any map against any enemy on Gold. Did you do a Firebase White Geth Gold run? I know I did!

Now is not the time to squander over unclaimed Operation Raptor rewards. Right now, some players now complaining that they don't have their Commendation Packs. After checking patiently and clicking here and there, I finally have the issue resolved! NOTE: I hope that many other players will have the similar outcome. I cannot guarantee a 100% resolution of this case.

How to resolve
Head over to Log in using your Origin ID.

Let Customer Service get you back in the game!
Notice that you can't do any of the actions below. Click the "DO YOU HAVE AN EXISTING CASE?" link on the right hand side.

Do you have an existing case?
Check the drop down list on the left and look for an existing (or previous) case of you not getting a Commendation Pack.

It seems this is an ongoing issue...
Now you can call, chat or email customer support for their help!

Now, you can finally contact customer service!
Finally got my pack and here's what I got:
A new sniper rifle!
Here's to the hardworking people of EA Customer Service! I just hope we automatically get them in the future without having to go to Customer Service!

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