June 21, 2012

Impressions: Dragon Age Legends from BioWare

Missed playing this game on Facebook or Google+? Now's your chance to relive the game... offline!

Dragon Age Legends now available offline!

Dragon Age Legends started out as a Facebook game to promote and market Dragon Age 2. The game came out before DA2 and I was to play the during the beta period, which involved a number of resets. Once the game is officially live, I went on to play as much as I could. I also got some goodies for this game and DA2 as well! Too bad my Google+ didn't sync with my FB progress and goodies. Heck, I tried a "remixed" edition of the game for even more loot! I did stop playing after a while since I couldn't fit so much FB games into my schedule and I eventually got bored of it. I rarely checked my stats and even tried the daily login chance games. After some time, I got news that DA Legends was going to shut down. It was sad to see all my effort go to waste...

While checking the BioWare blog for a new N7 operation this week, I saw this post. I was so thrilled to give it a shot!

Dragon Age Legends is a turn-based RPG game in the world of the Dragon Age franchise. This is an all-original story that tells the exploits of the player who was instrumental in defeating a Pride demon years ago. Viscount Ravi, a major supporting character, has tasked you to help in his quest to save his son Eiton.

Begin Your Legend!
The engine is based on an earlier game from an EA2D game "Dragon Age Journeys," which tells the story of the player coming across a darkspawn horde in the tunnels of Orzammar and seeking the aide of a Grey Warden to investigate.

The game is simple: select your party members and defeat the opposing force. What gives this game variety to this formula is the number of party members you can bring to battle and the skills you can utilize for each characters' class. You also get to build your very own castle from scratch to be able to create items, recruit new characters and unlock features.

Anyone care to notice what's the are the differences?
It still plays like the social media version, without the limitations of energy recovery! Play as much as you want, when you want! Although, I missed teaming up with strangers for powerful allies...

The story progression now have dialogues and branching story paths, based on your choices too. You can recruit characters or battle against them.

Something to look forward after a battle...
Aside from the main story, there are also self-improvement quests to give yourself a good start up.

Get a head start!
A majority of the items featured in the original game are available with a new twist: vanity items and slots!

Fancy dressing up while being tough? Say no more!
So far, I have finished one map of the game and I'll make sure I continue to give more coverage to this game. For now, head over to the official website and the instructions to get started in playing the game!

Oh look! Hawke's here too!

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