June 8, 2012

Event: Operation Mastiff in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Right after Operation Shieldwall, we're having another weekend event!

Operation Mastiff logo
This is to promote the Rebellion pack released last week. This will involve using the new characters and successfully accomplishing the retrieval objective that can happen on waves 3, 6 and 10.

Allied Goal: Complete 100,000 retrieval missions.
Squad Goal: Achieve an extraction (Full, Partial or Lone Survivor) on Silver or better (Gold counts too!) against any enemy force with one squad member playing as a vorcha, male quarian or ex-Cerberus character.

Commendation packs will be rewarded to those who fulfill the squad goal.
Victory packs will be rewarded to everyone if the allied goal is achieved. The victory pack will contain a guaranteed N7 weapon.

If you don't have a vorcha, ex-Cerberus/Phoenix Project defector or male quarian character, just hope a teammate (or two) is using one of the Rebellion pack characters.

Don't have the characters? Just team up with someone has them!
For the retrieval missions, you must get extracted successfully (Full, Partial or Lone Survivor) for the accomplished retrievals to count. This happens randomly on waves 3, 6 and 10; so please keep playing!

Deliver the objects safely!
The Victory Pack guarantees an N7 weapon (Eagle, Crusader, Valiant or Hurricane) and Commendation packs will  still reward an N7 weapon. This is a great way to reward active players while giving newbies a chance to own a powerful gun.

Refer to Chris Priestly's post on the Bioware Social Forums for these clarifications.

Get ready for this weekend!

Mastiff happens to be a dog breed.

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