June 18, 2012

Establishment: New Haven PH

I saw a post from a friend, then I saw them at ToyCon 2012 (links at the bottom of the full post)!

New Haven PH, Gaming and Pop Culture Haven
I came across a coupon of sorts when I saw it in my friend's Facebook stream.Then, my memory kicked in when I saw their booth at the ToyCon 2012 event. I checked out their goods and (aside from some merchandise here and there) they only sold PS3 games. However, I did notice they were selling genuine copies both new and used. When my sisters were thinking of a Father's Day gift for my dad, I wanted to suggest about the used PS3 games I encountered. Only did another friend of mine posted a pic of a purchase she made from New Haven PH did I remember the name!

So that's what they're called!

New Haven PH seems to be an online store catering to gamers and hobbyists predominantly in the Philippines. Aside from selling PS3 games both new and used, they also sell pop culture merchandise, toys figure, movies, comic books and the like.

Sweet Deal
As I browsed their catalog of PS3 games, I saw that the used titles sell at PHP 600.00 - PHP 800.00 (that's around $14 - $18 based on this post's exchange rate on www.xe.com). I suggested this to my sisters as an affordable Father's Day gift (yes, my daddy owns I PS3). I even noticed their deal on 2 Games + 1 Movie deal. I ended up ended buying a World War II game (Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway) and Call of Duty: Black Ops plus a Blue-ray copy of The Da Vinci Code movie.

Sweet deal, indeed!
Future Transactions
If they can help work out a really good deal on new games or even assist me in pre-orders, I might as well turn to them! Also, it'll be good if I can find gaming merchandise as well.

If my friend can get genuine merchandise, so can I!
While they were at ToyCon 2012, their website was down for maintenance. When I brought this concern at their booth, one of the booth owners told me it was for inventory control. Should they get an order online but sold out the product on the event, they'll be left empty-handed and get a dissatisfied customer. Smart move, guys!

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