June 18, 2012

Results: Operation Mastiff in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Find out if we made it for Operation Mastiff!
Just lashing out!
According to the fourm title, we did it! We achieved the Allied Goal!

Male quarian with a Krysae Sniper Rifle

I don't know how it was possible (I was able to do 3 retrieval missions with successful extractions) but we did it anyway! Victory Packs for everyone!

I got a pisol! What did you get?

As for the Commendation Pack, I was able to have Game Advisor help me claim one. I could say it's legit since they have a way to check on my qualifications.

Powering up the Valiant

I was able to sample my vorcha Soldier too! Bloodlust really regenerates your health to the max!
Let that bloodlust flow!

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