June 18, 2012

How to: Getting help in claiming Commendation Packs

Bothered that you didn't get your Commendation Pack even if you did the squad goal? Here's a step by step process on how to do it:

I don't know with you but I got my issues resolved on Commendation Packs!

The Steps
First, head over to help.ea.com to get started and log in with your EA/BioWare account.

It's the same with your BioWare Social log in

Click on "CONTACT US" to get started.

Let's get started!

If you've done this before, I suggest opening that case again based on this post I made. If this is your first time, read on.

Look for Mass Effect 3 under the Product field to get started by typing it in.

I suggest selecting the edition of Mass Effect 3 you have, either regular, collector's or digital deluxe.
Select a category for the issue.

I'm not sure which one I picked but I suggest Online Services

Select the platform that you're playing Mass Effect 3 in. I'm not sure how to handle cases for multiple consoles since I only play the PC versions. My guess is that you need to make them separate issues.

I play on a PC. What about you?
Check the bottom of the page and select the method of contacting an EA Game Advisor.

I select chat. You have them call or email you, whatever floats your boat.

I chose to chat since it's the closest way for instantaneous communication (and possible resolution). Keep in mind the varying wait times due to queue traffic.

Once you get connected to a Game Advisor, simply follow their instructions and I hope things turn out for the best!

I got my problem solved! I hope yours will be solved too!
You can also have a transcript of the chat sent to you via email and/or print out the transcript. Here's the transcript of this chat:

Govind : Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Govind  how may I help you?
you: I need assistance in claiming my Commendation Pack for Operation Mastiff.
Govind : Sure.
Govind : May I have your <requested private information>?
you: <redacted>
you:  <redacted> 
you:  <redacted> 
Govind : Thank you for the requested information <redacted>
Govind : If I am not wrong that you didn't receive commendation pack for Operation Mastiff Am I right
you: Yes. Only the Victory Pack. I know I fulfilled the squad condition.
Govind : I do apologize that you didn't receive Commendation pack for Operation Mastiff so
I am going to add this pack in your account address.

you: Alright. Thank you. Did you verify my claim of qualifying it too?
Govind : I have manually added the Commendation pack for the Operation Mastiff please check this pack on multi player mode.
you: One last thing: Is it better for me to open this existing case rather than to make a bunch of new cases for this issue?
Govind : Yes.
Govind : Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
you: That will be all. Thank you for your assistance, Govind!
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to <your indicated email> at the end of your chat session.

I blocked out information that is private here. They'll ask different information such as the product code (a.k.a. serial number of your copy), email address, name, etc. Rest assured that it's needed for the resolution of the case.

I hope this helps! Remember, if you have done this before on previous N7 weekends, it's advisable to pull up your existing/previous case rather than making new tickets/issues. I suggest attempting this on Wednesday or Thursday since the Game Advisors don't have the solution on the day of supposed distribution. Also, your chance to claim this is limited so act fast!

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