June 3, 2012

Impressions: Rebellion DLC Pack for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Here's the new stuff I've seen so far with the Rebellion Pack for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.
The Rebellion Pack DLC  splash screen

I haven't unlocked any Rebellion characters but I did team up with some. The Male Quarian's Tactical Scan ability is like the Geth's Hunter Mode but your teammates get the advantage of seeing your enemies.

Tactical Scan Online. I'm not even in Hunter Mode!
I don't come across the Ex-Cerberus character often but their Lash attack looks pretty cool to pull off!

Time to get whippin'!

 New Objective
The new objective involves picking up an object and bring it back to the designated extraction area. All you have to do is pick up the object and bring it back. It isn't simple though...

Bring it back to the Extraction Zone!
When you run with the object, it'll fall off and you will have to pick up again. That means you can't rush back to the extraction zone with the object in tow. You can go into cover and go over them without dropping it as well. Of course, you can still attack on the way but teamwork is encouraged to protect whoever has the package.

I haven't tried Firebase Goddess at this time but I had a game in Firebase Jade (although it was cut short because the host lagged like hell!). The level design is based on the mission in Sur'Kesh (salarian homeworld) to extract the female krogan from a Special Tasks Group's lab.

Looks familiar?
However, my first Rebellion unlock is a gear package!

This the fourth type of equipment you can use when getting ready for a match. Instead of being used up like the Weapon, Power and Armor bonuses, these don't get used up and can be upgraded up to five levels. This one I got is perfect for my Melee Sentinels!

That's all I got now. Hope I can share more in the days to come!

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