October 9, 2012

DLC: Mass Effect 3 Retaliation Pack

An old enemy returns and the battle heats up in...

Mass Effect 3 Retaliation

Big update
This ain't your usual DLC MP pack! Aside from new weapons and characters, we also get an old foe to fight against (with a couple of new additions), new twists in some old places and something to give you bragging rights! Plus, this pack will come in staggered updates!

The Collectors have returned!
New enemy
The Collectors have returned, despite Commander Shepard's efforts of defeating them during the events of Mass Effect 2. This time, they're coming back with newer units. Cerberus and Geth are also getting a new unit in their forces.

New characters
Our non-human allies have new talents to bring in the fray! The class that's confirmed is the Turian Havok Solider, which should be the jetpack flying character featured in the trailer! I wonder if they'll pay attention to the Drell with at least a new class from them. At this time, 4 new characters will be available on launch with a total of 16 characters to be released!

And they say Turians can't fly...
New weapons
There's always new guns for us to use and this time it's Collector tech. The Collector Assault Rifle will now be added in the reinforcement packs after being a merchandise exclusive unlock along with a sub machine gun and sniper rifle!

A Collector Sub-machine gun
New twists
The original 6 firebases are now getting a new twist: environmental hazards! You thought Firebase Glacier was easy because's it small? You may wanna stay indoors more often since there's a swarm coming to get you! Our favorite Firebase White gets even whiter with whiteout; fog that makes targeting harder due to the reduced visibility. Who knows what new twists the Retaliation Pack has in store for us!

Swarms outside Firebase Glacier
New upgrades
Looks like we're getting new equipment to take with us on the battlefield! It could be new ammo types and gear for us to use.

New feature
Not sure if there's going to be any new mission objectives but here's something worth noting: Challenges! This will really increase replay values since there is so much to earn while being able to show off on what you're good at.

Something to keep you occupied...
Show off with fancy banners!
Anything else?
This isn't everything that the Retaliation pack has to offer. I'll make sure to keep my eyes peeled for new releases as time passes. Until then, earn those credits! The DLC pack is available for download October 9, 2012 (October 10, 2012 in Europe) in all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3).

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