October 5, 2012

Dance Central: TanCorps Memorandum Fully Revealed!

Four weeks have passed and the peeps at DCI have finally deciphered the Memo found from TanCorps!

Go ahead and check it out!

It's confidential intel!
From the information given, it seems that TanCorps is developing Project Lockstep as a way to keep old "dance crazes" and prevent new ones from happening. Sure, we got the classics like the Boogie, Shuffle, Hustle, the Moonwalk and Gravity Lean to name a few. Of course, I've grown to love the Macarena and the Asereje dances too. Hey, our country also had a dance craze a few years back with the "Papaya." Right now, the Gangnam Style is the "in" thing in dance!

What's wrong with Dr. Tan? He doesn't like to be foreshadowed with the new stuff we come up with and be the absolute ruler of dance?

I once theorized that Project Lockstep was some sort of physical restraint but it looks like it's some sort of brainwashing scheme to make us dancers dance to the beat of Dr. Tan. I'd like to dance in groups but I'm not going to be someone's groove drone. I've got my taste and style to follow!

Special Agent
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Reporting for duty!

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