October 8, 2012

Aftermath: Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Photoshoot with Project Headshot Clinic

It's a first for me, so I gotta post!

What could it be?

Nestle has partnered with Project Headshot Clinic with the promotion of their recently released product: the Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Stick. It's an ice cream stick with the goodness of Nestle Crunch. Their marketing campaign involves different ways on how to eat the ice cream stick, hence their tagline "Funtacular."

It's yummy, I swear!
They've already gotten their initial batch of photoshots but they're opening out to the community to get their pics taken with the ice cream stick. I was able to register on their Sunday shoot at 5:50PM (September 30). I got really worried when traffic got bad as 4:30PM and I didn't want to miss this chance. After feeling jumpy in my taxi ride here and there, I was able to make it!

So many ways...
The photoshoot was held at the Eastwood Mall Atrium. It was hard to miss will all the blue colors in the area. I was able to have myself verified and I managed to start my shoot. Of course, I had buy an ince cream stick to get started. I had a novel idea that is very unique: the Swordsman! My photoshoot was done by none another than Niccolo Cosme!

The photoshoot studio!
I had my time to shine, posing for shots here are there. I was even requested to bite the ice cream stick to show the rich chocolatey center. After that, I took the chance to meet Mr. Cosme and hang out the venue.

Guess who's the dude in plaid!
I was told that the ice cream I bought for my photo shoot was the last stock! In order to accommodate the other applicants (as well as the interested walk-ins at the photobooth), there was an additional stock of 200 ice cream sticks arriving from the warehouse. Looks like the turnout's impressive!

Oops... They ran out!
I decided to stay for a while to wait for my mom to have dinner at the mall with her (and my sisters). Aside from the specially made studio for the Project Headshot Clinic participants, there was a photobooth nearby for interested passerby to take a picture of themselves with the ice cream stick and they also provided prints of the pictures.

Yay! More ice cream!
After around an hour (or less), the new stock arrived! The event just went on and on, families and friends taking their pics at the photobooth and other Project Headshot Clinic. Eventually, I head to leave when my mom and sisters arrived.

What's your Funtacular way of eating it?
The pics will be uploaded at October 29, 2012. I can't wait to see my pic soon! For now, enjoy the ice cream!

Your time to shine, buddy!

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