October 28, 2012

Event: Operation Bloodlust in Mass Effect 3 Mulitplayer

Here's the first event with the updates:

The weekend challenge notifier!

Who needs results? The challenge was just to get 50 melee kills as a krogan. No extractions needed and you can solo this challenge. This was in the wake of an update that you need 50 melee kills to get the gold medal bonus.

Instant Satisfaction
Right after the 50th kill, I got notifications that I achieved the challenge. I checked out the store on that same day and saw this:

The victors 

I was like, wow. I got my pack without question. I opened it and here's my reward:

In case you didn't notice, weekend challenges can be tracked in the challenges section.

Taken out
What I'll miss doing is squad goals. With the state of the present system, I don't think it'll be possible to track everyone's progress and then get a reward instantly. I'm sure that this isn't going to spike up activity but at least this current state seems tolerable for those who have a little time in their hands.

This challenge was issued last October 20. Will post on the challenge that just happened this weekend.

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