October 15, 2012

Update: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Updates

With the Retaliation DLC pack out, BioWare has also done some updates!

N7 Weekends (also known as Challenge Weekends) will now happen every week! With this said, Commendation Pack rewarding will be real-time too! Yes! Fulfill the the squad challenge during the weekend challenge and you'll be rewarded on the spot. No need to wait for the challenge weekend  too. I just hope it DOES work when it happens.

Will this be the end for Customer Service episodes?
New features
Remember the Manifest? It's now been updated with the new N7 HQ system.

This feature is a stat-tracking page that keeps tabs on your stats in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. It contains info on the stuff you've unlocked, your N7 rating, challenge points, achievements in the single player game, leaderboards and faceplates you can show off in multiplayer.

Aside from the whole new UI and information that is shared, the Challenge Awards is what caught my attention.

I started as a tech specialist and I will prove it!
These are challenges tied to the many characters, mechanics and skills of the multiplayer game. This is the chance for you to show off your capabilities. You think you're a solo expert? Be the Lone Wolf! Can you surpass Niftu Cal as the Biotic God? Look no further! Want to show your loyalty to the council? Be a Council Operative!

This will definitely increase replayability X-fold due to the demands of the challenge. I know I'm looking forward to be a Mathemagician!

Make sure remind yourself of the weekly N7 challenges from now on! I'm looking forward to getting in the fray more often, even on regular days!

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