October 4, 2012

Event: Operation Overdrive in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Go rangers! Go rangers! Go! Go! Go!

Overdrive Accelerate!

Just kidding! Here's the official logo!
The goals are as follows:

  • Allied Goal: Complete 200,000 extraction waves on any difficulty. Squads can be any size (solo permitted). Full extraction not required (Lone Survivor or better).
  • Squad Goal: Full extraction on any map within 20 minutes or less at any difficulty. Squads can be any size (solo permitted).
The rewards are as usual:
  • Victory Packs for everyone if the Allied Goal is met
  • Commendations Packs for anyone who can fulfill the Squad Goal.
What's important here is extractions. It doesn't matter which forces you against, what difficulty you're at, whichever firebase you're fighting on and how big the squad is. Just extract, period!

Just extract! It's all that matters.
If you're looking for the squad goal, I'd suggest playing with a pumped up team on Bronze runs for a 20 minute (or less) but you need a full extraction!.

Power Rangers?
When I just saw the logo, the Power Ranger team had to pop up in my brain. Sorry for the deception, readers. I'm a Power Rangers/Super Sentai fan big time! Although I still have a lot of catching up!

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