July 27, 2012

Event: Operation Overwatch in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

To commemorate the Earth pack, we have an N7 operation for it:

Operation Overwatch official logo
The goals are as follows:
  • Allied Goal: Extract 800,000 individual players (not squads!), with each live player counting towards the goal.
  • Squad Goal:  Extraction on any difficulty with at least one squad member using an Earth Pack character. 

The rewards are as follows:
  • Victory Packs for everyone if the goal is completed. This reward pack will also include a guaranteed random Earth Pack character.
  • Commendation Packs for anyone who accomplishes the squad goal.

Special circumstance: Lengthened time to extract due to the failure of Operation Broadside.

For the Allied Goal to count, players must remain alive when the extraction counts to zero. Make sure you're intact within the last 10 seconds, for a quick medigel healing may lag your count!

A username in that's in white with a green checkmark beside it indicates that the player successfully extracted.
For the Squad Goal to count, just play with someone who has an Earth Pack character and achieve an extraction (Lone Survivor, Partial Extraction or Full Extraction).

Hook up with these guys for the Squad Goal!
Make sure you have the Earth Pack DLC installed and your "Upload Gameplay Feedback" feature is set to "ON" to make sure your contributions count (as well as qualifying for the Commendation Pack).

Look! A countdown timer to the N7 operation!

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