July 24, 2012

Impressions: Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC

The stakes have risen in the war against the Reapers and it's time to bring the war home: Earth!

Earth Pack DLC splash screen

First impressions
Here's what I got on the first Premium Spectre Pack I unlocked:

The Fury!!!
Well, let's give it shot!

The N7 Fury is an Adept class character. Her appearance is based off Kasumi Goto but this character sports a Recon Hood. The character has a lot of unique features, aside from looks.

The regular melee attack consists of her phasing in and out while delivering kicks and punches. The heavy melee is a short teleport and unleashes a biotic pulse upon re-entry. The heavy melee also allows the character to attack nearby enemies in cover.

As for the skills, she has the Throw ability along with Javik's power (Dark Channel) and a unique skills called "Annihilation Field." The new power allows the character to generate a biotic field that damages enemies within range. Pair it up with other biotic skills and you're in for some Biotic Explosions!

For maps, I've only visited two of out the three: Vancouver and Rio.

The Vancouver map takes place on a skyscraper in a futuristic metropolis. The color scheme also matches during the very first level of the main campaign.

This is where Shepard was when the Reapers attacked.
Rio is very unique, since the base is situated miles off a coastal city. It's because the map is the home of the N7 training program.

Lovin' the view... and the defense cannon!
I did manage to play with other players using the N7 classes.

Looking fierce!
Snap freeze!
This thing chucks out thermal clips and grenades! Oh, it recharges shields too.
The new objective? It involves escorting a drone to a designated area. Players will need to stay close to the drone while escorting it to the extraction area. The drone will also recharge the shields of any player who is escorting it. I got concerned with the "escort" mission since I assumed that a player needs to be kept alive and escorted to the designated area but it looks like this setup alleviates such concerns.

Allow me to be of assistance!
I haven't gotten any of new weapons, gear and weapon mods at this time yet but I hope to post about them in the future soon. For now, let's unite and take back Earth!

Biotic Kick!

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