July 23, 2012

Results: Operation Broadside in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Did we manage to make 400,000 full extractions against the reapers? Find out!

Full Extractions in any difficulty and anywhere against the Reapers.

No Victory Pack means it was unsuccessful. It is unknown if we will have consequences on the next challenge. However, we will not be getting an increased medigel capacity. That means it's maxed out to 5, nothing beyond that.

Even my efforts were not enough...
Here's Admiral Hackett's message in this post from the BioWare Social Forums:

Operation Broadside: Failed.

From: Admiral Steven Hackett
Re: Operation BROADSIDE
Confidentiality classification: XB-PRIME
Distribution: N7 Forces Only

Soldiers of the Milky Way –

There is an old human expression: “You reap what you sow.” The word “reap” has been co-opted by our enemy, but this does not make the expression any less true. We have spent much time in recent weeks planting seeds. We recruited, we trained, we defended, all in the hopes that, sometime soon, we would have enough breathing room to mobilize against the enemy on a grand scale. Over the past few days, we did just that.

Operation BROADSIDE attacked Reapers all over the galaxy, and we made them take notice. They expected to fight asari on Thessia, turians on Palaven, batarians on Khar’shan, but what they got was turian bombardments covering vorcha troops using human tactics in asari streets. It was perhaps due to this complexity that BROADSIDE did not go as planned. We sought a way to defeat a numerically superior ground force with little loss of life, but there was no sure strategy to adopt. When we innovate, our enemy adapts. Yes, we’ve seen losses, but a war worth fighting does not come without a cost.

Take inspiration in that. I know it is discouraging to fight for alien real estate when we have not yet taken the battle to your own homeworld. Operational secrecy prevents me from saying exactly when we will deploy and in what strength. All I can say to those who are waiting is one word:


–Admiral Hackett

Let's see if there are some surprises in store for us in the next N7 weekend...


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