August 3, 2012

Results: Operation Overwatch in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Another event done. Did we achieve the goals this time?

Operation Overwatch splash screen

We did it! We achieved the allied goal! Victory Packs with a guaranteed Earth Pack character for everyone!

Victory Packs for everyone!!!
And here's a little pic of my success of getting a Commendation Pack too!

Contact EA Support now!
For the Victory Pack:

I already have this! Why?
For the Commendation Pack:

Something tells me I should start using this...
A random Premium Spectre Pack during the event:

I'm Manny and this is my favorite assault rifle in the game!
Please visit these links on how to claim your Commendation Pack before it expires!

Until then, enjoy your new characters!

Why is the shuttle still here during the match?

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