July 8, 2012

Review: Saber Zero ver. by figma

With the advent of my new camera, here's another review!

figma No. 126 Saber Zero Ver.
A friend of mine influenced me with Type-Moon via Melty Blood, which is a spin-off of their Tsukihime series. Later on, I got wind from another friend about "Fate/stay night" and I checked on it on an "on and off." I loved the character designs and concepts of the series and even checked the wikia site for anything new, like Fate/Extra. With the announcement of this figma, I just to pre-order her. After some scuffle at customs, I finally got her!

She stands at a mere 5 1/2 inches tall.
First Impressions
When I took her out of the box and gave her limbs a go, it felt tighter than the Hatsune Miku append ver. figma I own. This gave me the impression that she'll be stable when it comes to posing her. I was even amazed at the bracelets she has on but I had to be very careful with them! You'll find out soon enough. She really had an intimidating look with the face she got too. She stands at a mere 5.5" tall.

She comes with three faces: a serious look with a rightward glance, an aggressive look with her mouth open and a smiling face. She also comes with an alternate set of bangs that flows to the right.

What's your mood?
She has 5 pairs of hand parts plus a unique right hand. The 5 pairs of hand parts consist of a clenched fists, two pairs of open palms (fingers together and wide), grasping hands with differences in angle. The unique right hand is for holding on to Avalon, the scabbard of Excalibur. She also comes with a pair of matching bracelets that are already "worn" when taken out of the box.

All the hands I'll ever need
The accessories she has are the sword Excalibur, the scabbard Avalon, Excalibur while in Invisible Air mode and a slashing effect for the swords. To use the slashing effect, you just slide the sword in.

Excalibur and Avalon. Note the slashing effect too!
The ponytail she has is adjustable and it removable. It's perfect for re positioning it for action poses and whatnot. It's also detachable just in case you feel the need to present the figure without the ponytail.

You can twist it and pull it off
Her suit's mostly black with brown shoes and a grey undershirt. The lower part of the suit is flexible, so don't worry in posing the legs here.

Suits are so unisex
The hands are actually black gloves that reflect as if it were actually latex. The bracelets are noticeable and are incredibly tiny! They're not fragile but utmost care must be taken since it will be hard to look for them should you drop them!

They're that's small and I'm not kidding!
The decorations of the sword and scabbard are accurate down to the Fairy Lettered inscription to the tip of the scabbard.

Do you have any idea what it means?
Her arm movements are so-so. You can't raise it up past 90 degree sideward but you can rotate it to achieve that angle.The elbow joints rotate past 90 degrees, which should be alright. For the legs, it goes the same for the 

What's with the face and pose?
I mentioned earlier that the bracelets were tiny and I wasn't kidding! During this shoot, one of them fell on the ground and I (sorta) panicked. I was able to find it before the dogs did. Utmost care is needed when you're handling the hand parts.

The unique right hand doesn't guarantee that it'll hold Avalon. This can make final touches problematic as a slight bump can cause the grip to break.

The ponytail tends to pop out while reposing the figure. As with the bracelet, be very careful in handling it!

But top everything off, the slashing effect part is heavy! Making those action poses proved difficult because of it's sheer weight, which breaks the figure's balance and hands give in. I had to use the stand just to pull of this pose!

It's so heavy!

While the details of the figure are well done, posing her will require the most care due to the tiny and "prone to pop out" parts that she has. She can do well without the effect part, since the part's weight tends to ruin your hard work. Nevertheless, she's still worth getting and adding to your collection (unless you ain't joining Fate or Saber bandwagon).

Character History
Saber is a servant in the Fate series. She is well known for being the servant of Shiro Emiya during the Fifth Holy Grail War (and eventually his lover in the Fate scenario). In this incarnation, she's a servant of Kiritsugu Emiya during the Fourth Holy Grail War. She is a gender swapped version of King Arthur with the name "Altria Pendragon." She is known as "Saber" becuase it is a term for a class of servants in the series. She has proven to be the most well known character of the series that many toys and figures have been produced with her image.

Relaxed after a tiring shoot

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