July 16, 2012

Hub: Stitch Tropical Dessert by Re-Ment

I've completed the collection, might as well blog about it!

Stitch Tropical Dessert

During my early times as an aspiring figure collector, I was wondering what kind of props I should get for my toys. I decided to tour around Toy Kingdom and saw some really cute collectibles from Re-Ment. What caught my eye the most was a tropical-themed set with Stitch as the motif. After that, I was on a "quest" to collect every piece in the collection which I accomplished on May 2012.

This is one of Re-Ment's collaborations with Disney to create product lines using different characters and franchises. This tropical themed set perfectly fits with the Lilo and Stitch franchise since it's very synonymous with Hawaii (and kawaii too!). This collection contains 8 different sets which are blind packaged in boxes but you can get the whole set if you manage to buy a whole package with 8 boxes in it.

Bought this one at Toy Kingdom.
I took my chances with 4 blind packages at Toy Kingdom and I was amazed I didn't get any duplicates. I started window shopping at eBay to control my chance of getting a new set without any doubt of duplicates. I did find a very reputable seller online and I was able to complete the rest of the collection thanks to that seller.

I finished my collection, thanks to this eBay seller!

I have prepared a pictorial for these sets, so I've decided to make separate posts for the reviews. This post will serve as a hub once I post new entries and put links between this post and the individual review posts.


Toy Kingdom sells Re-Ment products, with the help of a distributor. Visit their Facebook page for any inquiries (although it can take a while for them to respond).

Also, check out this seller's eBay store if you wish to (and hopefully) find the Re-Ment set you're looking for!

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