July 13, 2012

DLC: Mass Effect 3 Earth Pack

It's time to bring the fight back home: Earth!

Mass Effect 3 Earth
This is the third expansion to the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3. This time, the fighting is now taking place on where it all falls down at: Earth!

Get bashing with the shield!
New characters
All the characters are N7 operatives who are all humans and are the top of their game. Let's break them down one by one!

Meet the team

  • The Fury character looks like Kasumi Goto wearing a Recon Hood. This character also possesses a skill Javik (the Prothean) has: Dark Channel.
  • The Destroyer is just a character wearing the Terminus Assault Armor recolored in the standard N7 colors without the red outline. The skills they have show that they use a number of heavy weapons in battle. I wonder how it'll play out?
  • The Demolisher is a recolored Cerberus Engineer, though I suspect that this is a lady inside the suit. It's a hybrid of offense and support due to the grenade-based skills they have as well as a supply pylon that provides grenades and thermal clips in the middle of the battle. Dispenser comparisons, anyone?
  • The Paladin is just a character wearing the Inferno Armor recolored in the standard N7 colors. They possess an equipment that was demonstrated by the Shadow Broker before the current one: The Omni-Shield! Given with the skills they have, I bet the shield is only used when performing the heavy melee but it's too soon to make such judgement now...
  • The Shadow is a playable Phantom. Yep. We can now be the Samurai Biotics we once feared!
  • The Slayer looks like an inspiration from Kai Leng, the vicious right-hand man of the Illusive Man. How will this play out too?
New weapons
We have three new weapons, with a brand new heavy pistol coming out way!

New toys to play with
  • The Typhoon Assault Rifle looks like a very unique design to me. However, why am I getting a nagging feeling it's based on existing weaponry?
  • The Acolyte is obviously based from the Disciple due to the aesthetics of the weapon. The name suits the weapon well since the pistol smaller than the shotgun.
  • The Piranha Assault shotgun looks like a hybrid of the Katana (stock) and Saber (barrel) with a grenade launcher-like magazine. 
New difficulty
Sure, Bronze's a breeze. Silver is alright. Gold is challenging. But what can you say about a Platinum level? I just can't imagine it...

Can you handle Platinum?
New objective
To add more emphasis in team work, the new objective involves a random team member that must be escorted to a designated zone. This is the one that happens every wave 3, 6 and 10. Does this mean if that VIP dies (failed to revive), the mission's scrubbed?

New maps
Since the pack is themed after Earth, we'll be fighting in battlezones located in London, Vancouver and Rio! Don't expect the chime of Big Ben, the busy English Bay or Copacabana Beach to greet you because the Reapers (and other opposing forces) are waiting for you!

Back at you!
New mods and gear
There's not much info on this but I hope I get to use them often!

Until then, we've got Operation Broadside this weekend! Save up those credits and retake Earth! The DLC will be released on July 17, 2012 on Xbox 360 and PC worldwide. For Playstation 3, it will be released on July 17, 2012 in North America, and on July 18, 2012 in Europe. Also, it's available at no additional cost.

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