July 9, 2012

Impressions: Re-Ment

And now, for something unrelated to Mass Effect (or gaming in general), I give you... Re-Ment!

Re-Ment's website
Re-Ment is Japanese manufacturer of miniature collectible plastic toys. The term itself comes from the phrase "reform the entertainment," with the objective of innovation in the toy market. Re-Ment predominately has numerous lines of themed food and animal miniatures. They also have lines of cellphone charms, doll fashions and magnets. To even make dioramas possible, they also release furniture and themed display cases.

As of this date, they have collaborated will well-known franchises and brands to create toy lines featuring characters in (usually) themed food sets. Disney is their biggest collaborator, having over 50 lines of products created. Sanrio and San-X (more on Rilakkuma) have also collaborated with Re-Ment to produce miniatures as well. Why, there's even some K-On! merchandise too!

Cute! A pen in the guise of choco bars!
These miniatures serves a great addition to my toy collection, as they can open the doors to dining dioramas! Judging on the size of the miniatures, they best fit with 1/6 scale toys but are alright with anything no less than 1/12.

One of my first shots  with my figures and Re-Ment miniatures!
The products are so detailed and intricate, that utmost care is required when handling these toys! I had one where it featured a box of chocolates and boy, those are the tiniest pieces I've ever had!

A devil's simple pleasure by Zetsubo-san

I've actually completed one set and I'm gunning for more! Here's what I'm aiming for next!

It's so cute to have a birthday set!

Matching items to compliment with each other!

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