August 22, 2012

Music: Gangnam Style by PSY

Here's something not related to Mass Effect 3:

I caught a glimpse of this music video when one of my sisters was channel surfing and checked out the TVN Asia channel. The music video was humorous at first glance, especially the hip thrusting part in an elevator!

"Gangnam Style" is a song performed and written by PSY (Park Jae-Sang). It's a catchy electrodance hip hop named after the Gangnam District of South Korea, which is known to be a fancy place where luxurious lifestyles are abound.

The song has electrobeats left and right with rap parts during the verses. The lyrics portray a guy and girl looking refined at first but can get wild and playful when the time's right. In the latter part, the guy mentions that he's better than any guy who's on top in order to impress the lady.

Album cover
Music Video
The music video portrays PSY dressed in refined and luxurious clothing, in reflection of the lifestyle Gangnam offers. He appears in different venues around the district with elements of a luxurious lifestyle (horses, tennis, tall building, shopping malls, etc.) while doing his dance. Comedians Yoo Jae-Sok and Noh Hong-cheol as well as fellow YG Entertainment artists Daesung and Seungri of BIGBANG and Hyuna of 4PM make appearances in the video. Humor is bound in the video since he portrays his usual antics even while dressed in luxurious duds.

The celebrities featured in the video
What really locked my attention was the song's choreography in the music video. The prominent is a gallop, as if one where galloping on horse. There's also that tricky shifting paired with a slow slide when the "sexy lady" part is sung. PSY actually choreographed the moves as well!

Giddyu- I mean, Gangnam Style!
The video went viral that Western artists such as Katy Perry, T-Pain and Josh Groban have tweeted about the music video. Nelly Furtado even performed it during her concert in the Philippines! On this post, the video itself has reached over 45,000,000 views! It even achieved an accolade of being the #1 music video in the iTunes Chart, a first feat for any Korean artist.

No. 1 Music Video in iTunes!
Nelly Furtado going Gangnam Style!

I congratulate the success of PSY for this song and music video. I think I better try it out myself soon! Until then, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!

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