August 18, 2012

Results: Operation Olympus in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

We were worried about the results midway but did we make it?

Go for Gold!

We did it! We achieved the goal despite a 30% overall completion rate in a halfway update! The results are as follows:
  • Bronze total: 253,408
  • Silver total: 206,386
  • Gold total: 89,198
Teamwork is key!
Everyone gets a Reward Pack. Here's mine!

Supplies and an upgrade for my Martial Biotic Amp!
BioWare has a new system of reporting unrewarded Commendation Packs in the Social site! Will post about it soon. For now, let's see what I got...

Am I fated to use this gun?
Hurry up and claim your packs! They'll expire if you don't get 'em...

Too bad the 2012 Summer Olympics used to be here...

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