August 20, 2012

How to: Report for unclaimed Commendation Packs in Mass Effect 3 Mutliplayer

BioWare came up with a new reporting system to better address the players who haven't gotten their Commendation Packs.

I got mine using that service. Did you also?

Here's a step by step process on how to go about it:

Head over to during the redemption period. There's a timer letting you know how time left the redemption period has.

Click the "Commendation Pack Help" link on the upper right corner.

Link's on the upper right.

Click on "Review My Account" on the account/s that you play on. you be advised to wait for a response from Origin via email.

Wait for it now...
If you see the email response, check the in-game Store to see if you got your Commendation Pack.

The e-mail response
Your Commendation Pack Help status will appear like this if you have been rewarded already.

If you don't get your pack within the 48 hour time frame, please refer to this guide in contacting Customer Service.

Kudos to BioWare in doing what they can to help the community!

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