May 3, 2012

Unlocked: Ninja Crew in Dance Central 2

The wait is over! The final unlock!

Meet Kichi and Shinju (formerly Ttiw Tolrep) of the Ninja Crew!

Dance Central 2 featured four unlocks that would be revealed once the community hits certain goals. First, we had the Icon Crew. Second came Aubrey's classic outfit. Taye's classic out went third. And now... The moment we've all been waiting for!!!

Kichi in action!

Crew Background
No one knows how these mysterious ninjas showed up and hit the dance floor. All we know that the Pink Ninja appeared on Dance Central as "Ttiw Tolrep" but now bears the name "Shinju." Not sure if the Blue Ninja is a student or colleague but she goes by the name of Kichi! The fun fact with Shinju's former name is that it was based on two of Dance Central's character designers surnames: Shawn Witt and Matt "Perly" Perlott. Reminds me of that Mortal Kombat ninja named after Ed Boon and John Tobias.

How to unlock
Like the Icon Crew, just boot up your game while connected to Xbox Live. That's it! That means Offline Players are missing out on the new crews!

We're done with the unlocks, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy and keep dancing! Thanks to lovelycutedancer17 for the video!

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