May 10, 2012

Event: Operation Silencer in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Posting this update for I will be out for the weekend vacationing with colleagues (hope I can still catch up)!
Operation Silencer

Well, we're fighting the reapers again. This time, we'll be targeting... Banshees!


Banshees are the feared enemy units from the Reapers due to their "jumpy" movement and their powerful biotic attacks. Also, they possess a one-hit kill like the Phantoms. If one Banshee is enough, wait until two keep "dashing" close to you and your squadmates!

You know the drill: community/allied and squad goals is as follows:

  • Community/Allied: Kill 3,000,000 Banshees.
  • Squad: Survive until extraction against any enemy on any map on Gold.
The rewards are as usual:
  • Victory Pack for everyone if the community/allied goal is met.
  • Commendation Pack for players who can fulfill the Squad goal.
Three million? If this is the norm for many of us, we gotta exceed! No absences whatsoever (or as much as possible)!

This task is an onerous one, and many of you are right to dread contact with these particular foes, but rest assured that we are prepared to reinforce your battalion with reserves. The vorcha want in, and as soon as they complete combined-arms training with our technically-skilled personnel, we will let them loose.

What's this? The Vorcha joining the war effort? The vermin of Omega? This I gotta see...

Video courtesy of abenhorsen.

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