May 5, 2012

Review: Mongoose with Team Blue EOD (Custom) by McFarlane Toys (Part 1)

He's my first American action figure! Introducing, a blue Spartan EOD from McFarlane Toys.
Road trip!

I was casually browsing GreatToysOnline Facebook page and came across some pictures of Halo toys. I was also longing for ex:rides so my figma(s) have vehicles for photo ideas. I trusted my gut feeling in buying one Halo toy that had a bike to go along with it. After some experimentation, it was worth it!

This is just part one of two of this toy's review. Make sure you check back for part two!

First Impressions
Being an American action figure, I wasn't expecting much flexibility with this figure. He feels rather bulky for his type of character.He stands a mere 5' 6" tall.

Tape measure time!
He comes with a Mongoose bike and a Rocket Launcher. That's about it. Post Part Two will involve the Mongoose itself.

The standard package
A couple of his armor pieces are detachable as well. There are other toys being sold that allows you to swap heads and armor parts to mix and match MJOLNIR armor sets. Sorry guys, I got this toy for the bike. I ain't no Halo fan...

Armor stripping...
The figure may look like it's been worn out and seen battle because it's part of the detail! It really reflects the SPARTAN's life of active duty. It's not grimy but it gives that feel of a battle-hardened character, rather than a shiny, pristine hero.

Quick Stress Test
Given with my perception with American action figures, I have decided to give this toy a try in pushing its limits.

Sonic the SPARTAN!
The legs have a good range of motion forwards and backwards. It can't do extreme side-wards splits.

The starfish

Simple: limited range of motion. Also, his front armor part tends to fall of from time to time.
Floor exercises
If you're a die-hard Halo fan, feel free to get one. With the ability to mix and match armor parts, there are endless possibilities on creating multi-colored SPARTAN soldier in their MJOLNIR suits!

Character Background
This isn't anyone specific. This is a male SPARTAN soldier in an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) setting for the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. Well, Halo is a well-known first-person shooter franchise from Bungie Studios and known for contributing the early success of the Xbox. For more on Halo, I recommend visiting the Halo Wikia.

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