May 21, 2012

Results: Operation Silencer in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Let's go ahead and check out the results for Operation Silencer...

Operation Silencer splash screen
Here's the transmission from Admiral Hackett:

Incoming transmission
Soldiers of the Milky Way –

It is with great regret that I must announce the withdrawal of forces from several colonies in asari space. Reinforcing them proved untenable. While Operation SILENCER inflicted substantial casualties, the Reapers learned from our victories against the brutes, and they now know how to protect their own.

Rest assured that we too are learning from this conflict. Already, we are implementing plans to supply our forces with a better arsenal so that, when we next meet the enemy, they are ours. Until your next deployment, keep calm and carry on. We will pay the Reapers back soon enough.

–Admiral Hackett

Yes people. We failed the event.

We needed to kill 3 million Banshees over the operation but when I checked the post at the BioWare blog, it was a different sight. I could think of a reason why we failed the event:
  • Players decided to go for the Commendation Pack for the N7 weapons and accomplished it as soon as they could.
I made sure I did some Banshee fighting on Silver. Maybe three million became too ambitious, even though we pulled off killing three million Brutes the first time these operations came out.

I'm gonna be here for the weekend of the upcoming operation. Hope everyone could get a Victory Pack this time.

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