May 2, 2012

Preview: Saber Zero Ver. by figma

I can't hide my excitement anymore! She's in transit!

figma 126 Saber Zero Ver.

As usual, I window shopped in AmiAmi and I came across this listing last November 2011. I was in shock, that I had to research at the Type Moon Wikia and learned more about how Saber looked like that.

Series Character/Background
Fate/stay night is a visual novel from Type Moon, who are also famous for Tsukihime series (and fighting game spin-off Melty Blood). The story features a tournament where mages compete for the Holy Grail, said to grant wishes to the victor. These mages fight with their servants, based on mythological or historical figures with an assigned "class" or "type." The story follows a young man (Shirou Emiya) who gets caught in the conflict but is saved by a servant named Saber.

Saber in her famous armor with Caliburn and Excalibur (sheathed inside Avalon)

For this incarnation, this is a prequel to Fate/stay night called Fate/Zero. The story takes place 10 years prior to the events of Fate/stay night. Here, Saber is the servant of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Mid-air slash with effect parts
What caught my attention to this character is that it's the same Saber we know but dressed in a suit. I have underestimated Saber's popularity so much, that people go nuts for a complete figure of her with her bike "Cuirassier." Also, this is chance for me to own a piece of Saber merchandise.

Like I mentioned earlier, she's in transit! I hope she gets delivered straight to my door instead of me going to the customs' office and paying extra to claim it!

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