May 10, 2012

Infographic: Telemetry numbers for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

A new infographic with updated telemetry reveals numbers of recent activities in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. Read after the break on my thoughts about it!

Telemetry data as of May 2012
We've accomplished so much ever since the first telemetry data was released. Now, let's take a look of what we have here...

Credits Spent:
1.38 Trillion
With the Premium Packs rotating every week, many of us wants them rare stuff.

Mulitplayer Matches Played:
22.84 Million
Well, people are playing and playing...

Cobra Missiles Launched:
78.1 Million
Even if it rewards stunted EXP, we gotta stay alive against the hard targets!

Most played map:
Firebase White/Noveria (36%)
There's a popular tactic on winning a Gold match against the geth in Firebase White. Believe me, I've played a few successful rounds with other players to get my Commendation Pack from Operation Exorcist!

Successful Extractions
10.5 Million
Looks like they're just a good number newbies in the game or people want to try out Gold with random enemies and maps...

Most played class:
Soldier (20%, 18% from previous data)
I bet it's because a lot of people prefer bullets over powers, or I could wrong.

Second most played class:
Infiltrator (19.2%, 16% from previous data)
Cloaking and sniping is the mark of a talented Infiltrator.

Successful extractions on Gold:
3.5% (compared to less than 1% from previous data)
Looks like that Firebase White against Geth on Gold is becoming a popular strategy!

Medi-gel Revives:
84 Million
I'd like to thank for the players who revive and finish off the wave by themselves. Also thanking the players who risk their revive to save another!

Highest N7 rating achieved:
Over 5,000 (Xbox 360)
And thought PC gamers would get the highest rating... And... that just proves how strong the Xbox Live community is!

Hope to catch up on Operation Silencer!

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