April 9, 2012

Results: Operation Raptor in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Looks like we got another message from Admiral Hackett through vid com:

Admiral Hackett sends a message

Message from Admiral Hackett
Soldiers of the Milky Way,

I am pleased at the number of promotions achieved during Operation RAPTOR. The influx of veterans and leaders is already proving invaluable in our fight against the Reapers.
While our comrades spread across the galaxy to carry on the fight, you must reconstitute your forces and bring new fighters to the fore. The N7 cadre has never been an easy calling, but your guts and determination have made you the most feared fighting force the Alliance has ever known. Prepare yourself; there will be more challenges in our future. Good fortune favors the prepared mind… and arsenal.
–Admiral Hackett
After having two successful N7 weekends, BioWare made these events happening at a regular, weekly pace. First was Operation Goliath (kill 1,000,000 Brutes), then Operation Fortress (bonus 25% EXP with reduced Brute rates). Now, this N7 weekend promotes the "promote" feature of Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer mode.

Operation Number 3: Raptor!
Operation Raptor has a simple objective: Promote your 2 Level 20 characters. Promoting your character resets the class down to one, adds 10 points in your N7 rating (for leaderboards) and addes the "N7 Special Ops" War Asset. This War Asset is worth 75 points per promotion and you can promote as much as you like. For community goal, they need 150,000 promotes during the event. Remember, make sure your "Upload Gameplay Feedback" is turned on during the event.

Operation Raptor splash notification

We have impressed BioWare once again as we hit a whopping 350,000 promotions! In short, it was a success!

We get commendation packs for those who were able to promote 2 characters and victory packs for everyone for making it a successful event! However, not all were able to claim the rewards due to an exploit. The exploit allowed players to get more than one commendation packs than intended. As of this rate, the unrewarded players will have to wait out until the exploit has undergone testing.

If you ask me, this event works both ways. One, it convinces people to promote your characters so you can have some edge with the War Assets. Also, it promotes longevity of the multiplayer mode and a chance to make a better build for your characters.

Now, I'm going to cover Operation Beachhead!

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