April 26, 2012

Appeal: Nene Anegasaki by figma

Following the sad revelation that I "forfeited" my Nene Anegasaki pre-order, I might as well blog about the figma itself (not my disappointment!).

Figma 121 Nene Anegasaki

During my early stages in Japanese action figure collecting, I began to pick out what I want on my wish list. Of course, I'd pick characters that I've come to be familiar with the series they're tied into. Although, I have to admit there are particular characters that catch my eye and Nene Anegasaki was the first.

On the way to school

Character Information
Nene Anegasaki is character from a dating simulation game called "Love Plus" from Konami for the Nintendo DS. It's only a Japanese-exclusive title, given the popularity of the dating simulation genre in Japan (and an amount of unfamiliarity overseas). Nene is one of the three girls that you can date with in the course of the game.

Unlike otakus that are into girls who are preteens and below 17 years of age, Nene has a strong appeal to me. It could be because she's (looks) the eldest among the three girls. I also developed a liking for female Japanese characters with a mole (or beauty mark/spot) located near the either eye (not in between). Also, women sporting hair like that is also a contributing appeal. Could be the mature style it gives out.

See the similarities?
Should I get her?
She's in my ever growing wishlist at this point. Too bad my preorder receipt from October 2011 is rendered null and void... I need to find out on how much GreatToysOnline sells her for and if they still have stock! For AmiAmi? It's going to be hard! Oh no! There's no listing for her at AmiAmi! Besides, my budget is squeezed in getting Saber Zero and Phatasmoon!

Pics courtesy of Good Smile Company. © Konami Digital Entertainment

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