March 26, 2012

Event: Operation Fortress in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

With the success of Operation Goliath, BioWare gives us another weekend challenge!

It's a Bounty Weekend this time!
The N7 Weekend Challenge was a way for BioWare to increase participation in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. Last week's challenge was a monumental success and players were awarded for their efforts. BioWare plans to hold more N7 Weekends in the future.

Operation Fortress splash screen

It's just a boost of EXP worth 25% But it did mention that this is in preparation for next week's challenge, which involves character promotion! Also, brutes appear less often when challenging reaper forces.

This is more of a reward event given the fact players had to be strong enough to take on Silver and Gold level threats. Given the information I have here, this event advantageous in getting EXP in the shortest time possible. Stack this with unknown location and enemies, that's 50% more EXP! Don't forget playing with the Galactic Awareness maxed out to earn 5% more EXP! With the brutes lessened, there's more time to focus on those pesky banshees! Read more details at the forums and blog!

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